Ruidu copper Y type filter for working conditions

Copper Y-type filter is mainly used in smaller diameter pipe equipment, easy connection and disassembly, and sewage performance is reliable, affordable. Is an indispensable device for the piping system of the conveying medium, usually installed in a pressure reducing valve, a relief valve,

Bit valves and other hydraulic control valves or other equipment, the inlet side, used to remove particulate impurities in the media from the pipeline due to impurities, rust, welding and other clogging and damage, thus avoiding the maintenance costs and production losses, Protect the valve

Such as the normal use of equipment. The use of stainless steel double-layer network structure, durable, with advanced structure, flow resistance is small, convenient sewage, large amount of pollutants and so on, mainly for water, steam and other media. When cleaning is required, as long as it will be removable.

Remove the filter cartridge removed, remove the filtered impurities, re-loaded can be used to maintain very convenient. According the user needs to set the mesh mesh.