Operating temperature: 5-40℃                                                                                           Product Size:(L)150×(H)212
Working pressure:0-16Mpa                                                                                               Connection dimensions: G1/2",G3/4",G1"
Cleaning cycle:15-90 day                                                                                                       Filter element: 75 Microns
flow: 4 tons / hour                                                                                                                  Surface treatment: Brass natural color
Flushing method:Manual direct collection                                                                      Filter element: SUS316L stainless steel filter     
Pre-filter is usually installed in the front of the pipeline, the main removal of the precipitate impurities and bacteria, microbial wreckage, rust, sediment, red worms, debris and other large particles of impurities, to avoid the human body and skin by Shanghai; On the oil pipeline, water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, high-end faucet, shower play a positive role in protection.

Wading home appliances best partner wading appliances:
refers to all the water needs of household electrical appliances, such as: washing machines, water heaters, coffee machines, dishwashers. Pre-filter can effectively extend the life of wading appliances.

In Germany, the law requires each household must install the system (usually installed in the water meter), to ensure that wait and see in the precipitation of impurities will not cause the human body damaged, and the dark deposited, Water pipes, household appliances play a positive role in protection.
Eliminate secondary pollution and reduce pollution of water pollution Municipal pipe network pollution, roof water tank pollution, pipeline aging, water tank leakage, water tank rust or rust off the patent leather, insects and animal carcasses, parasites.

Exploded decomposition diagram
As the first pretreatment filter, usually installed in the main pipe above, long life, high security requirements
Longer life/Non-toxic pollution-free/ Rinse automatically The best companion water purifier.
Automatic washing function to eliminate the due to sccumulation of impurities the body's internal secondary pollution
Owing to the high filtration precision,so increase the filter area 
To ensure the purification effect of flow capacity
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