Looking ahead 2017 Valve development prospects

1,The industry mergers and reorganization of enterprises, industry concentration continues to improve.
The disorderly competition of the industry makes the comprehensive strength of the weak water supply and drainage valve business survival, on the other hand highlights the industry with a few advanced technology, research and innovation capabilities, system solutions and high-quality products, business competition advantages, these enterprises use their own comprehensive advantages, the industry's resource integration, and even the merger of small and medium enterprises, will accelerate the process of mergers and reorganization of the industry, making the entire market resources to the advantages of business transfer and concentration. Through the enterprise and reorganization, but also can solve the industry operating efficiency is low, excessive market competition and low-end product overcapacity and other issues, improve industrial concentration and industry overall competitiveness.

2,The valve environmental protection requirements will continue to increase.
Prospects 2017 valve development prospects; most of the water supply and drainage valves for urban residents living water and industrial water pipe network construction. The quality of the valve, performance and environmental protection directly affect people's daily life and good health. With people.People's living standards continue to improve, residents are increasingly concerned about the quality of drinking water. In 2012, the state introduced the "urban water supply and drainage technical specifications", forced to pipe network terminal to the user's water quality implementation of strict and effective supervision.Drainage pipe network construction put forward higher requirements. This requires the production enterprises through a variety of ways, technology to improve product quality, corrosion, environmental protection, energy saving and other aspects of the performance. For the strength of enterprises. Industry is good at using new product technology and new production technology, and for some of the simple manufacturing-based, lack of core technology and technology companies, the company's development will face bottlenecks that market eliminated.

3, The future market growth potential is huge,
Prospects 2017 years of development prospects of the valve benefited from China's rapid industrialization of the development process, the supply and drainage valve downstream market applications continue to grow. First of all, China's urbanization level continues to increase, the increasing demand for municipal water supply and drainage, Led the urban water supply system and water supply pipeline transformation and new, and promote the rapid development of the water supply and drainage valve market. Secondly, in recent years, the state has continuously increased investment in water conservancy industry infrastructure, water conservancy infrastructure construction set off a new climax for the drainage valve to bring a huge market demand. Again, with the enhancement of environmental awareness of our residents, the national policy on the tilt of energy saving and environmental protection, so that China's sewage treatment industry usher in a rapid development period. Sewage treatment industry investment continues to increase, will also drive the demand for water supply and drainage valves continue to expand.

4, Large diameter, large diameter valve demand continues to grow.
With the continuous development of China's economy, the degree of industrialization is getting higher and higher, launched a number of large-scale key hydropower projects and water conservancy projects, such as the Three Gorges Power Station, Xiluodu Power Station, Xiangjiaba Power Station, South Water Transfer Project,
Wait. Water supply and drainage valves are an important part of the long distance water supply system, and the demand in the total project volume is large. And with the pipe network diameter toward the ever-increasing trend of development, resulting in all kinds of large diameter, large diameter water supply and drainage valve needs
Very strong, but the domestic valve production enterprises, due to technical reasons, can not fully meet the large caliber, large caliber valve market demand. China has some enterprises to independent research and development and production of large diameter and large diameter row of row
Water valve, and used in China's water conservancy construction, but limited production, still can not meet the growing needs of the downstream market. With the future development of more water conservancy projects, various types of valve products, especially large diameter and large diameter
The size of the valve will continue to expand the scale, will further promote China's large-caliber and large caliber valve development. According to the China General Machinery Industry Association valve branch statistics, large diameter and large diameter valve in the field of drainage
Sales of about 50% to 60% between the expected size of the market by 2015 will reach 30.28 billion yuan.

5, The valve enterprise system solution requirements continue to improve, look forward to 2017 valve development prospects.
Water supply and drainage valve two important applications Long distance water transfer project and municipal water supply project for the valve business program system to solve the ability and variety of product requirements continue to increase. The above-mentioned project procurement generally take the bidding method, long-distance water transfer project in the bidding process to pay attention to the valve products for pipeline transportation process encountered such as water hammer, negative pressure series of problems such as a comprehensive solution, which requires the valve business problems Comprehensive solution capacity, the production of products sufficient to solve the long-distance water transfer project implementation process of a variety of technical problems. Municipal water supply projects in the bidding process to focus on the valve business with a full range of varieties of integrated production capacity of the valve to meet the requirements of its one-stop procurement.
Therefore, with the problem of comprehensive capacity and a full range of varieties of valve production capacity of the valve business in these two areas will be developed by leaps and bounds.

6, High-performance valve localization and exports will continue to improve.
According to the needs of China's national economic development and the continuous development of science and technology, supporting large-scale projects required for the increase in the number of high-parameter valves. At present, China's imports of valve products are mostly related to the domestic key projects related equipment, the use of key parts, the general technical content is high, high parameters, new materials and the production of more difficult valve products. With the industry equipment conditions, the continuous improvement of technical level, China's water supply and drainage valve products will gradually to the high-tech, high parameters, corrosion resistance, long life direction. In the future, the overall level of the domestic valve industry will greatly enhance the high-performance valves will continue to improve the localization of a large number of valve exports will become the inevitable development.

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