Ajust the number to lock the balance flow valve

1, If the product has special requirements,customers must be in the order contract to provide the following instructions:
a) structure length
b) connection form
c) nominal diameter, full diameter, diameter, pipe size
d) the use of media and temperature, pressure range
e) testing, inspection standards and other requirements.
2, The company can be configured according to customer specific requirements of various types of drive devices.
3, If it is provided by the customer to determine the type and type of valve, the customer should correctly explain the meaning of its model and requirements in the supply and demand sides to understand the conditions of the contract signed.
4, Futures, orders customers please first tell the details of the required valve models, specifications, quantity and delivery time, location, company information, billing information, shipping address. And the total amount of 30% of the total amount of money or the full amount of money into my factory account, the rest of the goods to be shipped before shipment, in order to arrange delivery.